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Entertainment Equipment Floater 
All risk, worldwide coverage for scheduled entertainment related equipment including Cameras, Production, Editing, Musical, Theatrical and miscellaneous items.

The Entertainment Equipment Floater provides annual coverage for schedules of any size. The program covers a broad array of equipment and allows for many types of coverage, including the option for rented equipment.

Available equipment classes include: Editing/Post-Production Equipment, Recording/Studio Equipment, Sound/Location Recording Equipment, Musical Instruments/Band Equipment, Camera/Production Equipment, P.A./Sound Reinforcement Equipment, Theatrical Equipment, Miscellaneous Unscheduled Equipment

Lines of Business
Inland Marine, General Liability, Automobile, Workers Compensation, Excess Liability, Travel Accident 

Billing Options 
Credit Card, Financing 

Minimum Earned Premium
25% for base coverages. Stunts and other special coverages are fully earned.

Coverages available through the Entertainment Equipment Program include:
  • Owned Equipment
  • Rented Equipment
  • Negative Film & Faulty Stock
  • Library Stock
  • Extra Expense
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Office Contents
  • Business Income/Extra Expense
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Various other coverages


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