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Who we are:

The T.A. Swain Insurance Group, LLC is an independent multi-line virtual insurance agency/broker.

What does that mean?:

Independent - means we work with more than just one insurance carrier. Unlike "captive" insurance agencies that represent just one insurance company, Independent insurance agencies work with multiple insurance companies. We save you time by shopping your insurance around for you. This also gives us the ability to shop your insurance if your insurance company increases their rates. You needn't switch agencies, only insurance companies. That's what we do; we look out for you.

Multi-line - means we offer insurance for Home, Auto, Business, Commercial Auto, Real Estate Investment Insurance, Entertainment Insurance, Life, Motorcycle, Boat, and more. We offer the insurance products that fit your needs.

Virtual - means we do not have offices. We are not a brick and mortar office. There is no office for you to visit or have to drive through traffic to get to so that an agent can do an annual review. We exist online (website/email) or by phone. You're already here and didn't leave where you are right now -wha?!...mind blown (success). This is the internet age. You're smart phone is more powerful than the computers used to send men to the moon- sauce http://www.businessinsider.com/your-phone-is-more-powerful-than-the-orion-computer-2014-12

Why choose T.A. Swain Insurance Group, LLC:

1. If you want a trusted insurance adviser, as opposed to a call center sales person, then we are a good place to start looking.

2. If you want one less thing in your life to have to self educate yourself about and/or waste countless hours working on and would rather let a professional manage it for you, then we are definitely a great place to start looking.

3. If you want a trusted insurance adviser who is proactive in the management of your insurance and provides an expedient response, then what are you waiting for? You're just a few clicks away.

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